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Mr. X - (2017) | New South Movie Hindi Dubbed | Online Movies Watch Free
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Mr. X - (2017) | New South Movie Hindi Dubbed | Online Movies Watch Free

Bollywood Action Tv
Runtime: 1:14:22
Published on Sep 13, 2017
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He gets close to Simran, and with Simran's help finally he successfully woos Ramya again. When they are about to be united he asks Ramya 5 questions as he didn't know what happened to her these 3 years when he was not with her. The final question turns out to be whether Ramya is a virgin or not (as Ramya had a breakup recently). Initially Ramya gets angry by that question but finally confesses that she is not virgin as she had sex with her ex lover, Harish (Arya). On hearing this Jeeva gets angry and immediately asks Ramya to call Harish. Harish arrives at the scene and tries to convince Jeeva that they had sex only once. But Jeeva becomes more angry cursing that the curse of virgin boys won't leave these kind of girls and leaves that place immediately. Ramya and Harish unite once again.

Feeling disgusted he plans to leave Kumbakonam and goes back to Chennai and tells his uncle that he wants only a virgin girl, but his uncle scolds him by saying that nowadays virgin girls are really hard to find. But Jeeva sticks with his policy and leaves for the train which has started moving. He tries to catch the train and sees one hand extended from train compartment to help him board inside. That is Priya (Priya Anand).

He thanks Priya and sits beside her in the train trying to flirt with her by asking about her whereabouts in which she replies Trichy and he decides to follow which symbolizes the audience that Jeeva is on a new mission trying to woo Priya. The film ends with him saying "Trisha Illana Nayanthara" (If not Trisha, then Nayanthara).

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